What is moon anti virus how good is it?

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Answered: Virus with McAfee protection.

Check the connection of your McAfee, might be possible that it was an enable for updating and if its found disable then you can turn on it. I also say that you must download free encryption software it help you to protect your file and document form virus and also hack by another person.

Answered: Good Anti Virus

Hi There, AVG is best anti virus. it is 5 in top anti virus list. bit defender is 1st place avira is best, some times risk. Kasper sky and avast are programmable anti virus it is also best forscanningng but it take more time to scanning. http://www.iyogi.net/antivirus/ Thanks, Alexa..

Answered: Anti Virus ?

My friend works as an MCSE and installed AVG on my computer. So far it's been pretty reliable.

Answered: What is the most recommended anti-virus program ...

I use Norton anti virus and also AVG

Answered: Free anti virus software

Hi There, AVG and Avira AntiVir Antivirus are available for free, performance wise both are very good... http://www.iyogi.net/antivirus/ Thanks, Alexa..

Answered: Is it worth to pay for an anti virus protection when you have all of the

Nope, no need to pay. They offer about the same thing. Actually the paid ones are even worse in my computer because they slow down your computer. Best free one? AVG is okay, but their ads are now too intrusive, best of all is Microsoft Security Essentials. I know, a really good and free Microsoft ...
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Well there are many good antivirus these days.Some of them are Kaspersky Norton,NOD 32 etc however I will suggest you Kaspersky.You can download it for free from:http://www.pccare247.com Happy to help you Regards Barbra

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Information for an anti-virus company

Yes sure dear mcafee is beneficial antivirus software company you can contact them via email though mcafee website www.mcafee .com