what is monitored supervision in de?

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Answered: Noise monitoring software

Noise-Hub software provides you with a sophisticated and clear platform for communicating with single or multiple noise monitoring terminals.

Answered: Quality Baby Monitor?

They are a little bit more expensive but I really like the video monitors so you can see what baby is doing without risking upsetting them by sneaking in the room for a peek.

Answered: Supervision

Check out the link below for some information. http://www.united.edu/pohlycenter/supervision.shtml

Answered: Do the angelcare monitors available for newborns ...

yes, that happens. I know that the Angelcare 401 movement and sound monitor sometimes have false alarms. But you could adjust the sensitivity of the pad to find the best detection level. You can visit http://bestbabymonitorsworld.com/ to learn more details

Answered: Select a suitable car monitor

Terrific - another f'ing SCAMMER !

Answered: Are video monitors beneficial?? or will a normal baby monitor do the job

A normal baby monitor works just fine if you just want to hear what baby is up too or if you need to step outside for a second. I personally like the video monitors better but they are more expensive.
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