what is minor congestive heart failure?

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Answered: Congestive heart failure

Heart failure is a serious disorder for everyone. It is a chronic, long-term condition, although it can sometimes develop suddenly. The congestive heart failure is a condition in which the heart's function as a pump is inadequate to deliver oxygen rich blood to the body. The BNP is shorthand for ...

Answered: Congestive heart failure a side effect of drug topamac?

S- This is a copy of the information that comes with the medicine: www.topamax.com/topamax/assets/topamax.pdf It is about nine pages of pdf. Overkill. The only heart problem that I saw was infrequent AV block. This is not heart failure. Nowhere did I see CHF mentioned. JayR

Answered: How does a person with armenia die with congestive heart failure and

Kidney problems can cause anemia and high blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause kidney failure and congestive heart failure.

Answered: I have a English bulldog that is 10 years old, she ...

I would suggest taking your dog to the vet immediately! What your dog is going through is absolutely not normal. So forget speculation and let the professional figure out how he/she can help.

Answered: Can heart falier be revesed? How can I start?

If you are asking about chronic heart failure, the answer is no. In most people, chronic heart failure is a lifelong condition that can only be treated and not cured. The best defense, therefore, is to control the underlying causes, and this article discusses the causes of chronic heart failure and ...
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What are the symptions of congestive heart failure?

Heart failure is an ongoing chronic condition that might start suddenly. There are plenty of symptoms you can feel in your body such as breathe shortness, swelling, irregular heartbeat, exhaustion and weakness, increase urination, unexpected weight gain, loss of appetite, elevated blood pressure ...

Heart stents,diabetes,copd can you retire

You can retire if you can afford to. I think what you want to know is whether you can get disability pay, and that depends on the rules for disability retirement for your job. If you can still work, you should be working.

Congestive Heart Failure

I personally would only monitor her fluid intact and not reduce it unless directed by a physician especially if she is on diuretics as this could lead to problems with dehydration particularly in the elderly,It is more important what she eats and drinks ..that it be low sodium