what is meant by lineal bloodline descent asw opposed to collateral blodd descent?

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Answered: Can I use gold dory bars as collateral for loan

Yes, but the bank may retain them during that type to secure the collatoral or at minimum wish to visually certify the collatoral.

Answered: What is meant by inert entry in confined space

A confined space that is highly inflammable is made inert, meaning that oxygen is reduced to a level where it is not inflammable (inert). Maintenance people having to enter such confined spaces, as found in the gas and petroleum industries are equipped with the equipment that enables them to work as ...

Answered: What is meant by grid computing in oracle

I am also new at Oracle and want to learn more and more about each and every thing related to it.All answers will be really very helpful for me.Thank you so much

Answered: This is topic my husband and I have disagreements over....."what is meant

A double standard is just that - having two rules for different people for the same topic. I.E., example only, men can drive 55 miles an hour, women, 45; men can watch TV, women can't. These are double standards.

Answered: What is meant by PNR?

Hey brother ! PNR is nothing but passenger name record (PNR) is a record of passenger who is traveling or a group of members. To know more about PNR and if you want to check the PNR Status then you can visit this page: http://checkpnrstatus.net.in/
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Better yet, ask about leftist stupidity.

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No. This certainly has no value. And even when you die it is only of value to your family, or whoever the beneficiary is. Are you saying that you are going to make the bank the beneficiary?