what is meaning giving salt and bread to new home owners?

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Answered: Home owner ship

If it's not left for you in a will? The State can take it from you.

Answered: What does it mean when a male friend gives you chocolate?

Depends if that friend is a chocoholic themselves, and if there's an obvious reason. I sometimes can't think of how to say thanks when a friend or relative has helped out in a big way, so I've been know to give a 24oz bin of Dilettante Truffle Cremes as the best I can come up with. Man those are ...

Answered: I just got a new bread machine. It came with some ...

Yes, there are tons of healthy recipes for making bread using your bread machine . The good thing about bread machines is that it lets you use whole grain to make your breads healthier. You can find lots of healthy recipes online that you can download and print or you can visit your local ...

Answered: Did the usa ever Ascot, Queensland in any war? can a home owner in Ascot

I am unaware of ANY military incursion by the US into ANY part of Australia. We have been on good terms with them as long as we have been a nation. Now, I will say that there is one English Major in Queensland that has sent me some of the ghastliest puns ever written. Or was he an American ...
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In British usage, a tanner was a sixpence, and a bob was a shilling.