what is magnitude of an integer?

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Answered: 7.0 magnitude quake in Peru and 6.4 magnitude ...

Distance alone makes it MOST unlikely that it could be related to a seismic event in your area.

Answered: -35-20= ?

-55. If the signs are the same, add, if they're different subtract, the sign will be that of the larger number.

Answered: What is the magnitude in this equation? (Thank you!)

We need two other variables: temperature and pressure.

Answered: How are integers and rational numbers different?

Integers are whole numbers like 5 and 6 that you can count with. Rational numbers are fractions like 1/4 and 2/3 and improper fractions like 8/5 and decimal fractions like 0.25 . Irrational numbers include things like square root of 2, and pi.

Answered: Which integers have exactly five factors?

210 (the five factors are: 1,2,3,5,7)

Answered: Which 2 consecutive integers have a sum of -105?

The average is -105/2=-52.5, so the integers are -53,-52
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Thanks Ian!!! You have been most helpful!!

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Dixin is one. It takes two to Tan-N-Go. Three Stooges. What is it good four? (Absolutely nothing!) And so on.

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Bonnie, I won't do your homework for you. But I will get you thinking. Now, kindly remember what the Newton represents: a unit of force, shown by a rate of acceleration acting on a specified mass. We can calculate the vector of one applied force by showing vectors of other applied forces. Also ...