what is magnitude of an integer?

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Answered: 7.0 magnitude quake in Peru and 6.4 magnitude ...

Distance alone makes it MOST unlikely that it could be related to a seismic event in your area.

Answered: -35-20= ?

-55. If the signs are the same, add, if they're different subtract, the sign will be that of the larger number.

Answered: Death value has a elevation of -282. explain how to use absolute value to

There are many places on earth below sea level. The dead Sea, for example, is 189 feet below sea level and it's surface varies seasonally with the heat of the S'dom plain that surrounds it. So, in fact, does its salinity: during the rains, it goes down and during the summer it increases. The ...

Answered: What is the magnitude in this equation? (Thank you!)

We need two other variables: temperature and pressure.

Answered: How are integers and rational numbers different?

Integers are whole numbers like 5 and 6 that you can count with. Rational numbers are fractions like 1/4 and 2/3 and improper fractions like 8/5 and decimal fractions like 0.25 . Irrational numbers include things like square root of 2, and pi.

Answered: Which integers have exactly five factors?

210 (the five factors are: 1,2,3,5,7)
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Why is a set of integers denoted by a boldface Z?

Let's think of a torsion spring. At rest, the Y-axis shows only the strain of the metal working against the X-axis, hence we have a vector of 0. The deformation of the spring toward the middle is the Zurman Deflection. As we apply a load on the torsion spring, we have to do a little thinking. We ...

Mandlebrot magnitude

Thanks Ian!!! You have been most helpful!!

How can we use the absolute value of a positive integer in a real world

Dixin is one. It takes two to Tan-N-Go. Three Stooges. What is it good four? (Absolutely nothing!) And so on.