what is lionel santa fe train sets 1970-1980 worth?

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Answered: Old train set

Jimmy my email adress is chevyballs3@yahoo.com ive got some info on your toy train, please email me and let me know you got my message. thanks

Answered: 8042 lionel locomotive

See this web site . It has to do with the 8042. You will also find additional information on eBay.

Answered: Trying to find out how much my old lionel train is worth and where would

This web site called Lionel Collectors is the perfect place to start.

Answered: What is the weather like, temperature range, in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Temperature range: 50 to 80 degrees F. Ave Temp: mid 60's. Humidity around 50%. Dry climate. Typically clear to partly cloudy. Not much chance of rain (usually). Great time of year to visit.
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What's a 56 Lionel train set worth?

This article might help you. And also this forum thread