what is linguistic features of language of newspaper reporting?

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Answered: According to linguistic typology, what two European languages are in

Swedish and Norwegian, I think, are the most closely related European Languages.

Answered: Finger lakes times Man charger because of Robert Colton reporting him.

Looks to me like some body got snitched out, cause the snitch cared enough about the crook to get him the help he needs not to get stuck into a life of crime -- and every thing that comes with it. You know, guilt, bitterness, a scorched conscience, and stuck with that forever. Look back on it, and ...

Answered: When was language translation/interpretation thought of and how were we

To do language translation or interpretation you have to be very good in both the language. You should know the meaning each word in both the language and should be aware with grammar rules. My friend working as a translator in Translation Excellence Inc. from last 2 years. He knows all the ...

Answered: Language

Sumerian cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphs go back to before 3000 BC. Of languages still in use, Greek goes back to around 1450 BC, and Old Chinese around 1200 BC.
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