what is line in electricity?

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Answered: Essex electric switch company, lexington ohio I ...

Your message somehow got shunted to AOL Answers. I don't think you'll get the switches you want ...

Answered: My phone lines are down

AOL Answers is not your phone provider. You have to tell the phone company.

Answered: Locating Grounded Leg on a electric Delta Secondary system, what is the

TR, remind me to: 1. Put a red fink tag in your box for a MAJOR hookup violation. 2. Sweep up what is left of you and pack it in a band aid box once that 880-3ph fries you and three other people to a crisp! Just the flash on that blow up woulf fry you and they'd hear the explosion clear across ...

Answered: 220 v line has 120 on each leg to ground but no ...

Nothing jumps out at me. Is this the same 220 circuit? I would first unhook the line from the load in the bathroom heater. Check the voltage. At some point, unhook the connection in the laundry room and check voltages in the bath. Let me know what things look like. Oh. One way this could happen ...

Answered: How do you check electrical line voltage?

You can easily get one Multimeter which can be used to measure many electric quantities at home. It is very handy and easy to operate. Get it from any electric shop.

Answered: What is the electrical designation of a circle with a verticle line

It depends on the context. The context I am most familiar with is the logo used by the IEEE. (The International Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) The symbol is two arrows, one shown as a circle looping on itself and the other a straight arrow going through the circle. This ...
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