what is leptovax 4 vaccine?

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Answered: Vaccinations in dubai?

Did you try checking the airport? I'm sure that they have clinics there where you can get vaccinations. Dubai Business Directories

Answered: How do you feel about vaccinations for your baby?

Good work sister pie=I LIKE SOME OF THESE answers....It is such a controversial question because of one:Obama has not been informed as the cons of vaccines/and his children are for sure;two: this country exists on conformity and you will suffer a kind of persecution if you resist....
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Should I have my puppy vaccinated?

For young puppies, vaccinations usually start at six-to-eight weeks of age and are given every three-to-four weeks until the puppy is 16 weeks of age. An additional vaccination against rabies is also necessary. Vaccinations against coronavirus, Bordatella, or Lyme disease are based on owner's needs ...

What is the necessary vaccinations needed for my stay indoors housecat

My vet? Hmmmm, that Is the very reason why I'm asking. Geeezzzzz, just want to go Into office with some knowledge of what to expect. "This is information best gotten from your vet. He'll know exactly the information you need and he'll also be able to tell you where to get the vaccinations." Guess I ...

Yellow fever vaccination

Call the South African embassy nearest you, and ask them what is required.

Is there a vaccine against shingles?

Yes, there is a vaccine for shingles . It is a preventing measure but it does not cure active disease or it does not prevent other form of shingles like genital herpes.