What is legitimate or illegitimate political behavior?

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Answered: Israel uses the political and economic muscle of ...

Leftist Muslim Atheist poster, can you tell us how Greatbear, Lenore and Tadpole are the same poster? ( there has never been a poster on here who called himself Tadpole). You just pull names out of a hat and claim they are the same posters. Your aliases on the other hand are easy to spot. They all ...

Answered: How many have died because of republican dumbass behavior

Another day and hours and hours of answers and comments from the leftist Muslim Atheist poster that nobody has responded too. You would think that this poster would get tired of being laughed at and ignored. How can anyone do nothing but blog every waking minute. It sad that someone has such a ...

Answered: The rise of the political right in Europe and the ...

The leftist Muslim Atheist poster is still posting. What an exciting life he has. Why would anyone waste their whole life doing nothing but posting every waking minute? What has left this person so bitter and full of hate?

Answered: How many political conservatives have political ...

How sad and lonely is the leftist Muslims Atheist posters life to continue to post 20 hours a day and posts on these questions nobody has been on in a long time. He doesn't understand that when he is the only one who has ever posted on these questions nobody will see his latest answers.

Answered: Where do i check if my political vote ended in the right place?

If you had a mail-in ballot or a provisional ballot, your County Registrar of Voters should be able to confirm that your ballot was cast. There may be a web site where you can check.

Answered: Are political party's considered business's?

Does the leftist Muslim Atheist poster believe the names that he posts under are real people?
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There is an old saying, "If it is not broken, don't fix it."


"Legitimizers" are people who are REALLY going through some difficult times and need a hand up. These guys and gals may simply be between jobs and looking for some temporary help. Legitimizers can’t wait to get back to work and start taking care of their families, contributing to society and paying ...

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