What is legitimate or illegitimate political behavior?

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Answered: What are (all the possible) ways to make money in politics (both

Supporting bills might be a good way to do that. Guaranteed Seo Services

Answered: What is a "LIGITIMIZERS?

"Legitimizers" are people who are REALLY going through some difficult times and need a hand up. These guys and gals may simply be between jobs and looking for some temporary help. Legitimizers can’t wait to get back to work and start taking care of their families, contributing to society and paying ...

Answered: What of the following does Political Organization refer to?

What of the following does Political Organization refer to? http://good-suggest.com/44023/1/1111111/20/power.html

Answered: The term _______________ refers to the way power, or the ability to

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Answered: America IS freedom. Here are the functional political parties.

Official leftist rites of humiliation include eating AIDS-laden queer shit. They're as stupid as muslim child molesters and suicide bombers. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
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Yes---it does just get nuttier! http://www.theatlantic.com/politics

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Human nature, if left alone and not disciplined they would be mean as rats.

In 1882 in New York State could a father take his illegitimate son from

Men still do so when there is good humanitarian cause. I realize that feminists believe men are all subhuman worms but the children they prostitute into the world deserve better than to be with an abusive illegitimate single mother, who then virtually aurtomatically spends much of his life in ...