what is kyogre's weaknesses kyogre?

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Answered: How can I learn to turn my weaknesses into ...

Great question Penelope. Even to contemplate one's weakness beginsto turn it around. As long as your contemplation is from a place of curiosityand not morbidity. Contemplation from a place of curiosity can lead to clarity. Clarity can show you how you do things. When you see how you do things you ...

Answered: Weaknesses

how to answer this question doing interview what is your weakness with children are youth

Answered: What are the weaknesses of t-mobile

they getting good services IN uK , You need to compare T mobile and other providers deals. - Compare Mobile Deal

Answered: What does it mean when a guy calls a girl weak?

When a guy calls agirl weak, it is because the girl is showing lack of control in her emotions and a guy will sense this. To a male, it is unatrractive to see a girl in this state. They prefer to be with a girl or see a girl as being independent and in control of her life and her emotions ...

Answered: What to do for a Bulldog with loose weak legs?

I have a bulldog and this is pretty natural because it's kinda the way they are built but if you think something is wronge with her take her to the vet or a local pet store

Answered: How do i improve my weak eye sight?

you get some glass or contacts or some thing from your eye doctor
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