what is kool aid made out of?

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Answered: Who invented Kool-Aid?


Answered: Hey kool-aid

Try this site: http://brands.kraftfoods.com/koolaid/KoolSpace/

Answered: Why do ALL leftists eat AIDS loaded turds?

Everyone needs a hobby. Leftists eat AIDS laden crap because they are stupid, and rational persons collect stamps. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Answered: HIV/AIDS Outreach money donations

Every charitable organization needs donations, but this is not the place to ask for them. There are thousands of reputable ones, and we would soon have thousands of scams competing with them. Every political organization needs donations too. Let's not start with every candidate begging here.

Answered: What are indications of aids that a normal person can know that these the

Guide to making an informed decision about over sleep aids and prescription sleeping pills. Learn about types of sleep medications http://www.bestsleepingaids.org/
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Goggle it.

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There is possibility of getting negative result for about three to six months after the HIV infection, this period is called as window period. More info on HIV myths and realities: http://www.harneedi.com/index.php/articles/6-healthcare-articles/758-hivaids-myths-and-realities

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Yes they are but not more than its use.

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DL- This is TMI, but look at Strong's definition. It concurs with my understanding of the word. The Hebrew word SHALOM is understood around the world to mean peace. But peace is only one small part of the meaning of the word SHALOM . Here in Israel, even though we don't have much in the way of ...