what is joshua ledet doing after american idol?

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Answered: Who are the American Idol voters? What are their age range?

Any little girl with daddy's cell phone will call 100's of times for the person with the zipper in front of their pants

Answered: American idol

country western week

Answered: American idol

Carrie Underwood?

Answered: American Idol

Kris boys will always win from now on 1,000,000 little girls voting 100 times each

Answered: Who will win American Idol?

I think Adam Lambert will win this american idol bcoz he is a gud singer........................:)

Answered: American Idol Background Song

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Is Steven Tyler a good judge for American Idol?

A lot better than (your in it to win it) randy Jackson

American Idol Contracts leaked!

Does these alumb contract owned by American Idol.for only six months and then they are free to do what every

Why was Pia Toscano eliminated from American Idol?

She was too good and too pretty.Lets remember who votes 250,000 female teenie-boopers who vote 150 times each for the (Penis Envy) cutest boy of their choice.

Why did american idol recall contestant

New format Judges place 3 contestants into top 12