What is japan's largest and main island, containing the japanese capital and almost all of its core area is?

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Answered: What is the time difference between Aleutian islands&japan

18 hours. At the moment the Aleutian Islands are on DST. They follow GMT-9 and Japan GMT+9. This is 18 hour time difference. Source: Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAST)

Answered: Can a japanese citizen travel back to japan with ...

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Answered: What is a good japanese learning site?

The best way to learn Japanese is through a variety of methods. You need to work on your grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing. It’s best to think of these as separate categories and focus on each specific category as these require different methods and techniques. Start by learning the ...

Answered: Is our system capitalism or still mercantilism ...

If you are a lazy, no account deadbeat, riding the communist gravy train might seem pretty nice. But when you look at the price you'd pay for that, you'd regret ever giving in to that totalitarian nightmare. If you don't like it here, go to North Korea.

Answered: How do Japanese children get the self-discipline to stay calm even under

Life In Japanese Culture developed under the influence of a basic reality of Japan - it is a very crowded nation. Japanese must take into account other people in everyday life. In order to live peacefully in a crowd, there must be harmony which will make life more tolerable. Harmony is a very ...

Answered: What is typically the largest FISH in the sea?

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When did they let you out of the pin, Dawg?

What is the capital of Japan

Tokyo is Japan's capital and I love the food there.

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How does the recent Japanese tsunami compare to the 2004 Indian Ocean

The Indian ocean tsunami (earthquake magnitude 9.1-9.3) had an initial surge of 33 meters and killed about 230,000 people. The 2011 Japan tsunami (9.0) had a height of 10 meters and 20,000 people were killed or missing.