what is jan jeffcoat's ethnic heritage?

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Answered: I want to know my bio fathers heritage. He was from ashland, me. I was

OK......................Ask him. If he is no longer alive then ask your Mom, your aunts and uncles - anyone who might know.

Answered: Micmac Heritage

Micheal, Hi. You may start with Nova Scotia Canada, Caribou, maine or Preque Isle Maine. I am from that area and my best friend was Mic Mac. My best friends brother use to be the chief of the Caribou Band.

Answered: Political Correctness?

Why is there political correctness (or political tyranny)? Simple, it's all because of the Zionists and their plan to conquer all nations. Political correctness is one of their methods of control they use to enslave the intellectually weak. Zionists own most of the media and therefore they spread ...

Answered: The heritage of innovation ...

Obviously, Tadpole is a leftist. She hopes to see your children suffer and die in concentration camps just as did her National Socialist god Hitler. Anyone who makes humanistic achievement will threaten her all-out fascist hate program, therefore she stays wild with hate against all who bring ...

Answered: The differences between heritage management and archaeological heritage

Interesting question! I think that archaeological heritage management is a subset of overall heritage management which includes cultural and conservation concerns. Archaeological heritage management deals specifically with making sure that the site is preserved so that the most archaeological ...

Answered: How do I vertify my blackfoot indian heritage

Try these sites: http://www.familysearch.org/eng/default.asp http://www.footnote.com/ http://www.cyndislist.com/ http://rootsweb.ancestry.com/
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