what is James Spader's religion?

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Answered: What religion was observed before Islam?

Islam is a relative newcomer. It barely replaced the direct predecessor, Moloch, but didn't change their barbarian ways. Moloch was known for burning babies alive just to hear them scream until they screamed no more. Even now, we call cremation Immolation after the practices of Moloch. Only we ...

Answered: How old is the Catholic religion?

Peter made mistakes, Jesus Christ did not. There have been many Popes since the time of Christ and I am sure they all made mistakes. From the crusades thru theology. This is not to put down the importance of the Pope, that would be the same as saying Peter was not useful to the growth of ...

Answered: Religion

Leftists and atheists fool nobody here.

Answered: Religion

The Devil himself professes to be a Christian in order to deceive his victims. Satan never appears in true form, lest he be exposed for the evil person he is (John 8:44).
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What is the best religion, and why ?

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