what is irs 962 election?

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Answered: Democrats elect Republicans.

I have seen Brother B., Anne S., Trampo and the fake Marine post. All 4 of these names go to the same Facebook profile page of the person he claims is dead. This means they are all coming from the same poster. Why does he continue to post under these names and many more when we all know that he's ...

Answered: How long will it take to pay off 7,000 in debt paying 100.00 a month to

It would take 70 months (or just under 6 years), but the IRS adds interest and penalties so it actually takes 400 years.

Answered: Can IRS be sued?

The IRS received the 1099 from an employer. If it has your name and your social security number, then it is probably yours. But it is possible that someone else used your name and social security number.

Answered: What is the best way to reduce an IRS debt? I have ...

You really need to consult a competent and experienced tax attorney to help you with your particular situation. IRS Debt Tax Attorney Charles Rosselli can help you learn your options. Check out his site where you can sign up for a free consultation: www.taxattorney-ny.com/IRS-Tax-Problem-Help ...
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What "Rauner debate?"

Dems are fearful and bitter, but that don't mean they defeated America -- we still have Obatso on the bench and that is where he is staying. That is how Republicans saved America, and we are gonna stay the winners. No matter how fearful the Democrat propaganda machine gets, they will still be only ...

How many times is a irs tax return verified before there is a credit to

Skip Navigation Topics About Laws & Regulations Financial Disclosure OGE Advisories Program Management Education Home Forms Library OGE Form 450 OGE Form 450: Confidential Financial Disclosure Report This form is used by executive branch employees who are less senior ...

What are Installment Agreements?

Taxpayers can enter into an IRS Installment Agreement allowing monthly payments over a set period of time to fully repay the tax debt. The IRS offers different types of agreements to best accommodate the taxpayer's financial situation.