what is intercorrelations between variables in statistics?

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Answered: Are there statistical analysis softwares available ...

Sure, there are varies of such kind of software, for example, Random Numbers statistical analysis 1.0, statistical Tables, Statistical Calculator 2.0, etc. Hope they are helpful. Brothersoft Q AND A www.brothersoft.com

Answered: Statistics Histograms

You might be interested in something call matrix plots that can display histograms for several variables.

Answered: I have a variable annuity where I have 90% in a ...

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Answered: What is applied statistics

Statistical methods can be used to summarize or describe a collection of data; this is called descriptive statistics. In addition, patterns in the data may be modeled in a way that accounts for randomness and uncertainty in the observations, and are then used to draw inferences about the process or ...

Answered: Difference b/w global,automatic and static variables

Hi, I am a bit surprised that no one answered: Global variable = A variable that effects the entire world (as opposed to local variable)..... is not limitted to a specific area / country / continent. Automatic variable = A variable that is an automatic result of something else. One has no ...

Answered: In statistics,why should you use the median as the average rather than

The median provides a clearer picture of the middle or half-way point in a data set, especially when the entire data set is not open for analysis, i.e., the median price of housing in a city, as a statistical value standing alone to characterize that city's housing market. In such a case, the median ...
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All are partially correct, but the most accurate is "random sampling and sampling distributions"

Does the dependent variable change?

Yes, the dependent variable changes. Dependent means the variable depends on something else in the equation. If you have a simple line equation on a cartesian plane its equation might be y=2x. X is the independent variable meaning it can take any value. h depends on the value of x. if x=4 then ...