what is Infinite Soccer World in Omaha NE?

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Answered: World Cup Soccer South Africa

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Answered: Why are there no Monarchs in NE Ohio yet this summer

I reckon Michelle hasn't visited yet.

Answered: How many losses to be eliminated from world cup

Costa Rica beat Italy, so England was eliminated with 0 points. Costa Rica has 6 points, and Uruguay has 3 points, and Italy has 3 points, and either Italy or Uruguay must get another point when they play each other. Italy qualifies with a win or tie; Uruguay needs to win.

Answered: Where to buy cheap Barcelona soccer jerseys?

Please, not the jersey spam again.

Answered: USA's Chances in the World Cup

I was shocked that the USA got knocked out so early, but right now, after watching England get their butts handed to them by the Germans, I am shocked at how this year is playing out.
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Where is the coach of the US Women's soccer team from?

Personal information Full name Pia Mariane Sundhage Date of birth 13 February 1960 (1960-02-13) (age 51) Place of birth Ulricehamn , Sweden

Where to buy cheap Barcelona soccer jerseys?

I recommend this site :javascript:mctmp(0);

Is this football world cup considered successful? Brazil, Argentina

This is truly a successful world cup , suppose if your favorite team is playing with a weaker team, everyone knows that your team will win. That match may be full of colors and superb moves but it would not be a great match full of enthusiasm . This was my favorite world cup , a lot of predictions ...