What is included in Microsoft Windows 8 operating system?

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Answered: Who is my system operator

The system operator monitors and controls the operation of the mainframe hardware and software. The question you should ask yourself is, Who in your house, your computer has that job ? Who monitors the workings of your computer, hardware & software ?

Answered: Trio Stealth G2 tablet operation system setup work.

Tablets almost all use Microsoft Surface operating system. It differs from Windows as it has "cloud" support, but nothing else. Note that Tablets are severely limited to photos, video, and texting, but have scant little if any business or engineering use. Hence, Tablets are not a wise ...

Answered: Windows operating system

I prefer windows 7. Quite user friendly it is!!

Answered: Is Apples operating system made by Microsoft?

No Microsoft provides Windows operating system and Windows 7 is it latest edition where as apple offers MAC operating system.

Answered: What are the fundamental differences between Windows®, Mac OS®

There are quite a few differences (and some similarities) between these operating systems. It mostly depends on the level of interest you wish to go to. At the top most level, the user experience is different. There are different user interfaces which gives different user experience. Hardware wise ...

Answered: How do you make a hard copy of your win7 operating system?

1. Click the Start Menu and type "Back Up" then click on Back up your Files. 2. In the Control Panel window that appears, Click the blue Create a system image link. 3. The Create a system image window should pop-up. Select which hard disk, dvd, or network location you are going to save ...
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Operating system

An operating system (OS) is an interface between hardware and user which is responsible for the management and coordination of activities and the sharing of the resources of the computer that acts as a host for computing applications run on the machine. As a host, one of the purposes of an operating ...

I need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader for windows 2000me edition

Proceed to the Adobe Reader website.Click the "Download Adobe Reader" link. Save it on desktop. Double-click the executable that you downloaded to begin the install process. Click "Next" on the install file's introductory screen to proceed to the End-User License Agreement. Choose the directory in ...

What parts of Windows is better than Mac OS X

windows vista dreamed to be LEOPARD but it can't be, nothing from windows is better than OSX, once you use a MAC, you'll never go back to windows.

Can i upgrade Windows 98 to Windows 2000

All the web sites that I have gone to [Windows!!!] you have to pay...You could try and get a 'bootleg' copy, but then stay off the internet update service from Micorsoft windows