what is in urine that makes my skin itch?

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Answered: What can cause extreme internal skin itching no rash or nothing on skin

At the beginning of this year, I had extreme itching together with several new and serious symptoms like Extreme/internal/generalized itching, extreme weight loss, extreme fatigue, cracked heel, frequent urination and thirst, and several others. At one time I really thought, I was going to die. I ...

Answered: What causes itching skin for no reason?

Itching can be caused by any fungal infection on skin. Use a good antibacterial soap and keep the affected skin dry. You need to concern a good dermatologist as soon as possible.

Answered: Is it true that dead skin cells make up 90 percent of household dust?

I am sure it need more research about it,and I think it also depends on each skin condition as well,I think also depends on where the people live,in winter I think less dead skin cells drop to the floor

Answered: Skin & Beauty

For youthful and younger looking skin you need to be healthy inside, eat healthy or balanced diet, stay hydrated always. Apart from that you can try skincare cream or products for skin and I find Dermology products are quite good for skin and proven to be best for skincare.

Answered: Essence Skin Whitening Pills... are working!! YAY! But is this ...

i know there are other methods of whitening, but i am liking the results, when i ordered the whitening pills from the main site at www.essencewhitening.com they were more pricey but they are cheaper on the iOffer.com marketplace tho, see: http://www.ioffer.com/i/essence-skin-whitening-pills ...

Answered: How to rid a dresser drawer of rat urine odor and stain.

I think you're right, Bones. However, if the drawer is removed from the dresser, cover the bottom of the drawer with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and let it stand for a day. Vacuum out the soda, and wash out the drawer using a very strong soap and water solution. Dishwasher soap, like Cascade ...
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What can i do for skin that itches all the time?

Change your soap or take note of the food you eat because you might be allergic to it. If the issue still persists, I strongly suggest you go to a dermatologist to have it consult. http://cosmeticskin.com/ is the website of my dermatologist.

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Eating the right foods is key. Unknown to most of us, what we put in our system would show on the outside. So if we continue to eat processed foods, eventually, it would reflect on our skin. Sallow, tired, and wrinkled skin is the result of lengthy exposure to too much sugar, salt, pollution, stress ...