what is in the flu shot?

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Answered: Yreka Flu Shots?

Were you able to find a place?

Answered: Shots

No, you must be certified to give shots, as the average "lay-person" could do more harm than good.

Answered: where can I find the Flu Shots in Fayetteville, NC for my Sick, 81 year

Thanks, I'll call KMart and the Health Department. Her Dr. ran out but should have saved a dose for her apt. which is what I/we thought and were told that was going to happen (her flu shot)she is VERY HIGH RISK and the flu could KILL her and they know that. Really upsets me, plus she's not able to ...

Answered: Did you get a flu shot this year?

Oh I believe ! I believe in every thing they say , they are looking out for our best interests . such wonderful people . do you really know what you are getting ? How come animals don,t get cancer , diabetes ect . Eat organic , don,t take drugs , boost up your immune system . mmm give me some MSG ...

Answered: Flu shot

I get a flu shot every year like clockwork and haven't had the flu in thirty years. One time was certainly more than enough. If you don't like sitting on the cold bathroom floor wishing you would die with dots blinking in front of your red eyes, please get the shot. Anyone with illness, asthma ...

Answered: FLu from the vaccine shot

The mist version contains live virus. The shot is supposed to be killed virus.
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Where can I get the flu shot in Cowlitz County

This web site has the answer.

Flu shorts twise in winter is posibel ?

You get flu shots annually, which means you do not need another one until October of 2011. You are safe for another 9 months. You don't need another one now. They are good for one whole year from the day you get them, not the calendar year.

Where to get H1N1 Flu shot in Tavares, FL

this was sent to me thru yedda. i looked it up for you 32778..... you can go to walgreens or c.v.s. or your doctor.....if you cant afford it...i would try your local health department. myself...i wouldn't get one.....they are bad for you according to alot of people.... God bless nanadee