What is In situ Hybridization, Auto?

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Answered: Can a auto be updated to a hybrid

Of course you can convert a vehicle into a hybrid thermal adding an electric motor and batteries. However, this is quite a long process. In my opinion it would be better to buy a pure electric vehicle, in the market today we have not only electric car electric cars but also electric machines for ...

Answered: Is Honda Misleading About the Hybrid?

I don't think they're what they're advertised...YET. I think they can be, but the technology is new and has room for a great deal of improvement. Until a hybrid or any other alternate energy vehicle can smoke the tires, perform and have the range of a normal car, I for one don't want one.

Answered: My sister owns a 2009 Toyota Prius. Since she ...

A fungus build up in the A/C system might be the problem. Have the system drain checked and dehydrated. A fungus could be serious problem

Answered: Would you buy a hybrid car?

In a word, no. As an automotive professional w/repair centers in the Midwest for the last 23 years I have seen numerous auto trends and leaps in technology over the years. The emphasis in the near future will be on exploiting the huge potential of the normal gasoline engines. The word is that there ...

Answered: What are the hazards of welding on a hybrid vehicles?

There are electronics running all through the body of autos such as the Prius. Door panels, fenders, etc. Read an article a while back stating that rescue workers can't use the "jaws of life" on such autos because of this situation.

Answered: I have what i thing is perfect butt where to get an online auto design

He meant "a perfect design, but..." He left out the word design so his question makes no sense as written.
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Hybrid cars

At least for the moment, I'd recommend a hybrid over a plug-in electric, since the plugins are just coming out. they are also much more expensive than a hybrid for the most part. Checkout this hybrid car info for much more detail.

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Hybrid exemption from congestion charge

Unfortunately, the lexus hybrid isn't below the threshold for CO2, so you are probably out of luck. The new green car exemption won't be any better. The way it looks now, the only hybrid car that would qualify would be the Prius. A good hybrid cars and hybrid suv site.