what is in scoe 10 x?

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Answered: What is 4x-7x +5x =

Assume X represents an apple: Allen gave you 4 apples, Shon gave you 5 apples, and Andy took 7 apples, how many apples remain ? I hope you agree that the answer is 2 (Mathematically it reads 2X) Note that Give = plus (cause it adds to stock) and Take = minus (cause it reduces your stock)

Answered: 3x+10=x-7

Hi, --------- 3X+10 = X-7 ----- 2X=17 ----- X=8.5 ------- Best regards,

Answered: HTC 8X wireless charger?

Have you been searching for the htc 8x wireless charger. if so then did you try to find it in the local htc selling shop, i hope there may be wireless charger for your model. If not then you can still easy order it via online in your home. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00C40OG22/

Answered: 10x10 jiffy shade

Sounds like that is not a very high quality product. I would go with a shade canopy that is designed as water, fire, and mildew repellent and one that is designed to withstand mild to moderate winds.

Answered: "error 0x10e0" What is this error?

You just saved me from paying 100$ for format and reinstall my computer I used this error fixer you all used Thank you yedda! Thanks a lot people!!!

Answered: How do I maintain the water in a small pool 10' X ...

i just got the same pool, i filled it up last night dumped a half cup of shock & swim and i have 1 tablet of chlorine floating in the pool. I had the pump running all night the water looks great. before swimming in it today i'm testing the water with a test kit i bought at walmart I'm also buying a ...
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