what is in hoa nrs116.31034?

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Answered: Can a HOA be dissolved?

YES a HOA can be dissolved .... if the proper procedure is followed and the needed votes and approvals are obtained. I Home Owners Association is like any other corporation (albeit a non profit corporation) and can be dissolved. HOWEVER, that means if you do so properly ... and the first issue is ...

Answered: Hoa help

Threaten to sue the board and/or HOA. Ask a lawyer.

Answered: Corrupt HOA ,Florida,Self appointed pres.,pay's ...

It gets complicated and depends on the Condo documents and other facts. But he might be violation the rights of the owners and he can be sued for that. You need to find a lawyer who specializes in condo disputes; it is a specialized area with a lot of rules by a state agency that regulates some of ...

Answered: Printable copy of bylaws examples for mobilehome owners hoa

Sasha, lot of mobile home parks in USA. Can you give us hint which one you mean. Even then the chances of getting Bylaws from here, on YEDDA, are very slim. You should get them from a neighbor, or the Park Manager or, depending on what state you are in, they might be on file with the state where ...
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HOA and Unreasonable Fine

HOA law is and always has been a grey area. I would look to find an attorney or perhaps post your question at www.askinglaw.com

Can I take a tax break for subidizing someone ...

Russ, I agree with "Fairy's" comments and would add that the amount you paid is the amount deductible, regardless of whether or not part of that is due to picking up someone else's share. I also own rental property in an HOA and due to the number of foreclosures, each assessment is higher than it ...

Do both people who live in a manufactured park have to be on the deed in

I would assume that belonging to the HOA would necessitate actually owning the property.

Home owner ass.

Yes, there should be a place on the HOA ballot to write in a name just like in regular voting. Often at the annual meetings, they also will take nominations from the floor. You should contact the Association Manager to ask what the perferred procedure is for getting people on the ballot.