What is imadm prq id subq/im njxs 1 vac?

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Answered: Shop vac quit

Don't bother fixing it return it like mentioned some thing will cost you a lot more then fixing.

Answered: Should i buy an h2o turbo vac

H2O turbo vac is offered at Target.com for $129.95 plus reasonable shipping and handling. Compare shipping and handling costs as well as return policy of different venders.

Answered: GE vacuum breaker 15 KV, VBH 13.8-1500, rated anp 3500

This component is fairly common at substations and independent power generation facilities. The vacuum chamber increases the life of the contacts remarkably although NEC requires a monthly check of vacuum and test cycle where the continuous load exceeds 70% of rated.

Answered: Kirby vacs

Sounds pretty damn suspicious to me. I mean, 2700? Dollars? Even a freakin Dyson doesn't cost anywhere near to that, and they're the best made so far as I can tell.

Answered: How to replace vac belts?

There are dozens of types, and you DON"T say which ! - -The most common way is to unscrew the cover plate on bottom and then lift the beater roller where the belt goes around it. Pull off the old belt and fit new one onto the motor spindle first, then stretch it to fit on the beater roller, then ...
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How to disable or filter out the constant 3 VAC ...

Actually, you could also use a "voltage clamper" that shunts voltages above or below any preset limit to ground or neutral. These circuits are available at any HAM fair, Rado Shack, or CED outlet. They use a high-low bipass Selenium gate to set whatever voltage and current you wish to deliver ...

Where to buy hoses for shop vac

Here is one source: http://www.shopvac.com/shopvac-accessories/Departments/Hoses.aspx

I am planning on a trip to ireland in sept. single ...

Two websites that may help are http://www.hidden-dublin.com and http://www.freewebs.com/dublinaccommodationsalmara/index.htm

How much current would a 100 watt light bulb draw if it was connected to

Watts=Volts X Amps. So, if we divide the wattage by the voltage, we can then know the amperage. 100/120=.8333 amps.