what is IGP, invader HPV?

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Answered: Hpv

You may have just been a carrier for years and not known it. It's an extremely common disease because of this. If you read up on it you'll find that this is very common and people always jump to the conclusion that their partner has cheated which is not always the case.

Answered: HPV - Infected 10 years later by a partner who had unprotected sex

my understanding is that hpv never goes away, so if true then he could have had it for 10 yrs or more. and you can get it even if you use a condom, fyi

Answered: I am a male. Is there any way to determine whether i now have (or have

You have to go to a doctor for specific test, one cannot really tell sore sure if not properly tested.

Answered: HPV

Just time. Eventually if you eat right and exercise everything should be fine.

Answered: If I have hpv can i donate a kidney?

Yes. Atleast in my case and 3 others that i have read on the internet. In my case, My paps and exam are normal and i just have the virus. They do need your your paps and exam to be normal. If they are not they will not let you donate until you can give them a normal pap. This is a question i looked ...

Answered: I found out today that i have hpv. How did i get it?

If you were a virgin and that includes oral intercourse then you would have had to get it from him. Either he wasn't a virgin or he cheated.
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Sister Recently Diagnosed with H.P.V

hpv is human papalona virus, (not sure on spelling). it can be very serious. she needs to follow up with all dr appointments and tests. as for her emotional state i can relate with her very closely. i was diagnosed with lupus when my daughter was 2 months old. all i new was that i had a ...

Will the warts come????

no not unless you are exposed to gential warts in the future. HPV has to do with cancer not warts

What is the treatment for HPV in men's urethra?‎

For the most part, venereal warts in the urethra are removed by freezing them. Using other topical creams is not practical in such a small tight location, so they are frozen off with a thin probe. This only happens with warts found in the first inch of the urethra. If larger warts grow further ...

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