What is Human Metanoma Virus?

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Answered: Virus with McAfee protection.

Check the connection of your McAfee, might be possible that it was an enable for updating and if its found disable then you can turn on it. I also say that you must download free encryption software it help you to protect your file and document form virus and also hack by another person.

Answered: I want Active Virus Shield cod please

Hi there: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Download and install antivirus software

Answered: Is hiv virus active at room temperature?

I am not sure about room temperature but : HIV is inactivated by heat and dies after 30 minutes at 56degreeC (132.8 degree F). It is also highly susceptible to physical and chemical agents. If properly stored, HIV is very stable at low temperatures. It can last 7 ...

Answered: My friends are telling me I have a virus in my ...

Viruses and Trojan horses are sneaky and if you browse the web a lot, exchange a lot of email and sometimes download software, statistically you are bound to be hit sooner or later. The only way to keep your system clean is to have some Antivius installed and always running on your PC. The most ...

Answered: A DGTFX Virus.

Someone in my office received an email saying that aol was upgrading to DGTFX anitvirus 2012. I asked my IT guy about it, he said it appeared to be a hoax but to check here. I assume it is a hoax as there isn't anything here about it other than your post. Thanks!

Answered: Can the human papilloma virus be cured.

There is currently no medical cure for human papilloma virus infection, but the lesions and warts these viruses cause can be treated. The methods most commonly used to treat lesions include cryosurgery (destroying the tissue by freezing), LEEP ( loop electrosurgical excision procedure, basically ...
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Bad Virus

many people believe you can buy software to combat the infected sofware on your computer. while that may seem true, once infected, ONE anti virus program just wouldn't cut it. You need to run about 3-5 programs, plus manually remove all the pieces of the crap that is on your computer. one method ...

Virus alert

If you have an Anti-virus program...run it. If not get Microsoft Security Essentials and malwarebytes.com. And do not fill out that form at all! In forums: Re: Email Security Issue - Fake ATT.NET email 01-17-2012 03:15:34 PM ATT will never ask for this information over ...

Virus removal

well in your case I would use one of these top 9 antivirus software. They can be found in here: http://www.computersafetytip.com/top-9-windows-antivirus-software.html


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