what is harmony in church worship?

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Answered: Coming Soon: Atheist Church?

jesus christ my lORD, and God of all mankind is not an atheshit>>>> therefore an atheshit cannot call a church his dwelling / meeting place, he shoud worship the devil and call his own dwelling place and the devIrch is its neologistic name...

Answered: Does the non-profit Church choose its status to gain financial benefits

Thank you for making me think. "Faith or exploitation" is one issue you mentioned that grabbed my attention, because of its prominence in current news. I have no intention of making any attempt to persuade you of my beliefs. My only intention is to seek your response. Thank you, Mary

Answered: What is the best definition for Harmonies?

Harmonies whether relating to music, relationships, color schemes or other abstract objects, means a blending of. Getting along, compatible with one another, complimenting the other, agreement.

Answered: If you want to be an effective praise and worship leader, how much

I am a Praise and Worship leader, or a Music Minister, whichever you prefer. You didn't say why you wanted to have this talent or how you are going to use it, so I must assume you have been "called", by God, not man, to this ministerial position. Now, for your question: You don't NEED any ...
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First This is two words put together, It should read ( Laity-in ) Laity means the people as a whole or the body of the church in catholic terms. But this word,Just as other word used by the self proclaimed church, does NOT Appear in the bible . So it only has meaning to the catholic and other ...

Why do christians worship on wednesday?

It would surprise no one that Physicalist and all of his screen names are a little to the far side of reason. That is why he plays the narrow-minded ridiculous games that all atheists play. Such tactics are obvious, if not a bit comical (perhaps a bit insulting) but that is why we consider ...

Who is Father Harmony

Johann Sebastian Bach


Thank you so much for the advice,i will take it to heart cause i know God will not let me down,it's just good to know we still have people of the most High thats still concern about peoples souls. THANK YOU REV WAYNE LANDRY