what is grandaughter in irish?

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Answered: Irish newborn

Ok, Thanks for your help....gek13

Answered: How to deal with irish temper

Put the Irish temper in it's place with some Swedish anger .

Answered: How do you say the days of the week in irish?

Hi, hope this helps... Monday -Luan; Tuesday - An Máirt or Dé Máirt; Wednesday - An Chéadaoin; Thursday - Déardaoin; Friday - Aoine; Saturday - Satharn or Dé Sathairn; Sunday - Domhnach Best wishes...

Answered: Where do i find an Irish chat room in Irland

Ireland's newest chat site, come on in and make some new friends in our IrishChatRoom

Answered: Is Irish and Gaelic the same?

Yes its the same , but its really technically 'Gaeilge' and not 'gaelic' though.Ireland was one of the few nations that was not conquered by Rome during its heydey, so its language wasn't Romanized, like most of the others in Europe. KnowledgeBase Software
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Why so many O's with Irish

It comes from the Irish language origin of the name. In Irish Ó (i.e. O') meant "Grandson of". So O' Connor (Ó Conchúir) originally literally meant "Grandson of Connor". Similarly "Mc" or "Mac" meant "Son of", so McCarthy (MacCárthaigh) was "son of Carthach. Although, as Scottish Gaelic developed ...

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Did you like the ones that i have sent?

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An beidh tú ag múinteoireacht a trí?

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