What is going on with Directv and CW?

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Answered: What college team is going to orange bowl

OHIO STATE (12-1 record after losing to Mich State today in close one, knocking them out of the BSC National Championship game ) vs CLEMSON (10-2) in ORANGE BOWL in January. Appears that it will be FLORIDA STATE vs ALBURN in BSC National Championship in the ROSE BOWL (since Ohio State lost ...

Answered: Can i use a dish network satellite with a directv receiver?????

Hello Adam, I happened to run across your question that you posted & just wanted to provide some clarification & confirm- a DISH Network satellite dish will not work with a DirecTV receiver or the programming you would receive from them because the alignment of the satellite dish would ...

Answered: Going back home song

'Cause we just made it up? Uncle Frank

Answered: Can a DirecTv dish be used with a Dish Network receiver?

Hi bobbyjack my name is Mike Houston of DISH Network and I was going over your post. Due to the DISH satellites have different equipment and point at different satellites they would not work with DirecTV satellites.

Answered: TJ/JO how can we miss you when you won't go away?

Isn't it just special the way Lester leaps to the defense of someone he claims to not even know? You 2 should elope.

Answered: You want to order online, the agent persuades you ...

We feel your pain, frustration and anger! Agents (phone reps) refer to a written script for handling customer calls. They are trained to persist in making a sales presentation. Unfortunately, the agent is trying to secure a "sale", but the procedure to document his (or her) sale does not always ...
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How can I unlock the parental code on my directv d11-500 receiver? There

Press menu to display the quick menu, select - parental controls,the press - edit settings, and you'll see the current status showing any restrictions. the system default is "unlock" for all categories. You can see more here (the user guide) - user guide