what is gillian baird syndrome?

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Answered: Earlyn syndrome

There is a book by Teri James Bellis, Assessment and Management of Central Auditory Processing Disorders in the Educational Setting: From Science to Practice

Answered: Where is jim morrison's girlfriend pam baird at?

In the ground. Is there a better place to put corpses (God rest their spirits all)?

Answered: No one in South Africa knows about the KT Syndrome ...

i met a doctor that knows about kt when i was on holiday with my ex in jo berg. margbarnes@hotmail.com

Answered: Would YOU Accept Down Syndrom Kids in Church?

Are you kidding? We have a whole ministry just for the disabled. www.stmarklacey.org

Answered: Opposite of false memory syndrome

Yes, people often forget traumatic events in their lives. It's the mind's way of protecting the self. It has nothing at all to do with leftists.

Answered: What is a sundown syndrome?

Sundown syndrome is a term that describes the onset of confusion and agitation that generally affects people with dementia or cognitive impairment and ususally strikes around sunset. Many people, though, use the term to loosely describe increased agitation and confusion that can occur anytime but ...
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How common is chronic fatigue syndrome in teenagers?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a severe organic neuroimmune disease which the scientific literature shows is most often caused by a virus in subgroups. Children are no exception. According to the scientific literature (Huang et al 2010) studies indicate that many individuals with CFS recall a sudden ...

Hippie Guilt Syndrome.

It's hard to tell when the leftist muslim atheist poster day begins or ends because all the lonely loser does is post all day and night. He has been posting for the last 5 straight hours under his alias the fake marine and is still posting under that alias. ------ He has at least 12 straight hours ...

I need info about stickler syndrome and how it can look like legg calve

Stickler syndrome would not "look like" Legg Perthes. Legg Perthes is a possible symptom of Stickler syndrome. A person would need LP and another area of involvement to qualify for the diagnostic criteria established by the NIH. Look at the criteria on the website www.sticklers.org

Savant syndrome and Asperger's syndrome.....

Confidential- You do not. When I was growing up, the term that was used was idiot savant. In the face of political correctness, the term idiot has been dropped. The former term was useful in that it marked the individual as having profound mental retardation. One suffering from this condition ...