what is ghi carveout rider?

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Answered: Rider Jeans

After Dark demin skinny leg jeans with zips on the back pockets

Answered: How much is a easy rider magazine vol.1 no.1 worth

I have a copy of the first easy rider and I am wondering what the value could be.If you could be of any help,great.Thank

Answered: Easy Rider's Bike

I have no idea. Sorry.

Answered: Who sang ghost rider in sky?

Frankie Laine, just for one. Without checking a source, I think just about every ''singing cowboy'' from the late '40's through the '50's did, too. Gene Autry comes to mind. Johnny Cash had a version of it on the album ''Mean as Hell''.

Answered: Picture wanted of a rodeo rider, Kathleen Tisdale from New Jersey

I am a rodeo athlete that has pictures, what do you need them for? What will you do with these pictures. What events of rodeo are you looking for? cowboykelly@gmail.com

Answered: Motorcycle rider disappears

I think that he was nabbed by an alien proctologist.
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Bad Horse and Rider Trainers in Minnesota, how to make public aware?

Dear Lynn, Your problem is not only in Minnesota. It's all over. If you have a special breed of horse, find the head association on your computer and they will put you in touch with quality people to help you. We own horses and it's a wonderful, but expensive hobby.

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That's a very bizarre question. Presumably, you're saying that you're a "Free-rider" because you asked 8 questions and are saying that you were too lazy to answer more than 2, including your own. On the other hand, if you're complaining about not getting enough answers to your questions, it's ...