what is Geno Segers nationality?

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Answered: How old is geno segers?

Somewhere between 41 and 49 Sorry I can't give an exact age, but that was all I found Source: http://johnsonlaird.com/actors/Geno_Segers

Answered: Camping in khao yai national park Thailand

Campsite in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand. http://whampoah.com/khaoyaicampingsite.html Khao Yai national park Campsite location map, and attractions. Where to setting up campingTent at khao yai national park: There are two main campsite inside the national park, at lam ta Khong and phra ...

Answered: Why does this nation zoom keep taking over my home page

I order to remove Nation Zoom virus from your computer I recommend you to follow this guide - http://www.deletevirus.net/nation-zoom-malware-in-browser-how-to-remove-nationzoom-com/

Answered: What nationality is the last name Karam

Don't it mean, "Coward that sends his kids out wearing suicide bombs?" Try that around me and you will see blood, all right. First I gotta pop the kid, to keep the kid from killing too many more people, and then I'm going hunting for the lunatic that put the kid up to it.

Answered: Geno zeni

Hi Gene: So I can better assist you, could you please provide me with additional information? Thank you.

Answered: What songs does Bob Seger songs?

Lots of them. You can get a list by Googling his name. My favorite by him is ''Old Time Rock and Roll''
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