what is GE Duradrum dryer?

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Answered: How to fix my ge dryer

I have a 20 year old Gas GE dryer. The belt wore out. Any ideas how to replace it?

Answered: Need to know how to open the back of a g.e. dryer

Bad news, roadie. I am not a GE repair person.

Answered: Condenser Dryer Online

You can found it on some online stores: https://electricalgoods.ie/ http://electrocity.ie/ http://redmondelectric.ie/

Answered: What is the present value of a 1992 30lb. stacked Maytag Commerical grade

Whatever they are giving for scrap. Laundry machines that old have had it.

Answered: Dryer not working there is power

It is a fuse and or thermostat or heating element. Unplug the power cord. Take the back odd and check the fuse, thermostats (3 of them) and heating element with a ome meter. If they are good the needle will move to the right, if they are bad the needle won't move. Replace what is bad. ALL the ...

Answered: GE vacuum breaker 15 KV, VBH 13.8-1500, rated anp 3500

This component is fairly common at substations and independent power generation facilities. The vacuum chamber increases the life of the contacts remarkably although NEC requires a monthly check of vacuum and test cycle where the continuous load exceeds 70% of rated.
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Ge washer my washer stops during the cycle and i have to hit the start

Open up the washer so you can access the control. Spray some contact cleaner on it. If this advice is ludicrous, then post the model number of your washer.

My dryer is whirlpool, 2 cycle, is running but only cold air no heat, the

It sounds like it's time to call the manufacturer to have a technician come out to your home and check what the problem is.

I have an Amana gas clothes dryer. It runs on ...

Yes, there are other possibilities besides the igniter. A bump may have loosened a wire or connector, the valve may be stuck or broken. You may not have followed instructions properly, or you may not have connected the electric power to the machine properly.

What uses less energy: a gas dryer or an electric dryer?

Gas dryers are generally more efficient/less expensive.