what is G3 or ECM fax mode?

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Answered: How can I hook up a fax machine without the disk

If your fax needs drivers to work with your comnputer, find the model of your fax machine then go online to the makers name website, lets say in this case it is epson, so you would go to epson.com. Once there look around for drivers, click on that and search until you find the drivers you need and ...

Answered: Free fax

Hi there, check out http://faxcompare.com/ ... Many different online fax providers have risk-free trials that include free faxes. Even after the trial period ends, the prices are pretty small, especially compared to owning an actual fax machine.

Answered: What are the recent trends within faxing in business or has this now been

As we all know the Fax is much safe than email, more professional and trusted. One of the leading Online Fax providers is Popfax. http://www.popfax.com

Answered: Receiving a fax

Popfax.com provides a low monthly fee for fax services that helps you or your business eliminate the costs of a fax machine, long-distance service, additional phone line, and it reduces paper costs as well. This internet fax service (http://en.popfax.com/Fax%20service%20tariffs.html) is ...

Answered: Faxing to the uk

faxing from UK need to have Fax number... you can use Internet fax to send fastest and easiest way..
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How do I email to a fax machine?

You must have a software that can transform email to fax. Try internet fax . They have trial version.

How to receive fax on computer using samsung sf 331p series?

You can find and download lots of faxing software online but, I recommend an internet fax service instead.

Can unwanted fax numbers be blocked to keep them from continously sending

Get a telephone call screening service that will allow you to block specific number or area code from calling you.

How to retrieve a sent fax from brother 2820 V

Usually, all-in-one printer have a menu or option button that you can use in retrieving a voicemail or a fax. I suggest try using an internet faxing service instead of this dying faxing method using a fax machine.