what is Fluoroguide for the Spine?

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Answered: Spine

i have a hole in my spine from birth plus RA thank you to everyone help

Answered: I have had 4 back surgeries and the last was fusion at L 5-S 1 that didn

Are you on disability? You should qualify for Medicaid or Medicare under disability. Go online - type in 'Free Medical Clinics - your city - your state. A page will pop up with free or very low cost medical clinics in your area. These are manned by medical doctors that donate their time one or ...

Answered: Spine

You are looking at the human spine from the side. The back is on the right. There is no lateral curve to the spine in the normal state.

Answered: Laser Spine Institute-Tampa, FL

I have to say that I may be one of the lucky ones or he is just that damn good. And having experienced 10 surgeries with Dr. Bonati, personally he saved my life, literally. I suffered from ruptured discs,stenosis,bonespurs, severely pinched nerves causing debilitating pain in my lower back down to ...

Answered: Laser Spine Institute

Visit laserspineinstitute.com or contact them at: Laser Spine Institute 3001 N. Rocky Point Drive East Tampa, FL 33607 Toll Free: 1-877-205-7498

Answered: What can be done about the S curve of my spine from osteoporosis

Hi Dee Your curve may be treated with braces, exercises (including ones to improve posture), or surgery. Many factors go into the choice of treatment: gender, age, maturity (for example, whether bone development is complete), severity of the curve, and its progression over time. The best thing is ...
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Why is my spine narrowing

Curvature of the spine with the convexity pointing toward the back. It is normal to have some kyphosis in the thoracic (chest area) spinal column. Sometimes there is too much kyphosis in the thoracic spine, called "hyperkyphosis," Scheurmann's kyphosis, or "round back." When there is not enough ...

What to do with nerve pain that is caused from ...

Malpractice regarding pain is hard to prove.

I had surgery done 2008 for spinal cord ...

It seems like you have multiple problems that need to be assessed by a medical professional. Since you are a nurse, you may already know about this. Perhaps you just need some support from someone close to you like your family. Going through with these health problems alone is not good for you. It ...

Why do i have all of a sudden tingling in spine if i had fusion L3-L5

I would suggest that's a question you need to be asking your doctor. There are just too many variables and no one here with the kind of knowledge needed to give you any accurate answers.