what is faster horizontal or vertical engraving?

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Answered: Change screen from vertical to horizontal

Do you want to flip your screen ? Give your operating system and maybe someone will answer.

Answered: Engraving

if you want to learn by your style then you must have to use internet... ya, you can find it online by just search the needham-laser metal engraving tips...

Answered: A.Carl ca.1970 glass engraver

It is nice machine and also some how effective on the glasses. I used the glass laser engraving machine at the needham-laser in UK.

Answered: Brick engraving

Brick engraving is the good thing to attract other and looks nice. If still it is not readable then you can engrave again to maintain it. And the needham-laser portable engraver is the best. Just try it...
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I am trying to laser engrave 4 x 6 glass crescents ...

Ya, Now in market there are many laser engraver that gives the benefit of the jig in it.... I have the same problem that you have. So, I suggest you to use the needham-laser engraving machine then your problem will solve...