what is elizabeth hasselbeck doing now?

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Answered: Is it possible to be hotter than Elizabeth Banks ...

Steve would still get mad if she had the nerve to talk to him.

Answered: What's your memory of Elizabeth Taylor?

Her love of life.. Sweet G

Answered: How will Elizabeth Edwards be remembered?

As a brave and courageous Lady... Sweet G

Answered: Can LiLo Play Elizabeth Tayor?

Lilo has great acting ability. I can definitely see her as Elizabeth Taylor.

Answered: Elizabeth Humbard

Elizabeth Humbard (Darling), is now in Atlanta, Georgia with her family, as well as her brother Charley and his family, who is continuing in his father's footsteps with his own Gospel Music Channel, which is noted as the "MTV for Christians" (check out this article in the Atlanta Journal ...

Answered: Elizabeth Taylor's Getting Married ..... AGAIN!!!

You go girl...I once heard that she won't sleep with a man unless they are married. So to answer all the "revolving door" comments, at least she doesn't sleep around like most of todays women.
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