what is efapax in greece?

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Answered: Why did the greeks call it greece?

see link http://www.etymonline.com Greek (n.) O.E. Grecas, Crecas (pl.), early Germanic borrowing from L. Graeci "the Hellenes," from Gk. Grakoi. Aristotle, who was the first to use Graikhos as equivalent to Hellenes ("Meteorologica" I.xiv), wrote that it was the name originally used by ...

Answered: Getting a motorbike road legal in Greece.

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Answered: Enter Greece for holidays with German Visa

This web site has visa requirements when traveling to Greece.

Answered: Why are all of the houses painted white in Greece?qt=q

They paint the houses white because the inside stays cooler in the summer months, sun usually beats down harder on darker surfaces.

Answered: Greece

The archaeological evidence shows a widespread collapse of Bronze Age civilization in the eastern Mediterranean world during the same period, as the great palaces and cities of the Mycenaeans were destroyed or abandoned. It's may help you find a better details in some related site about Greece ...
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Hiking in greece

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If I sell land in Greece, does the possiblity of ancient artifacts matter

I think you can't sell the land if it has ancient artifacts, and it becomes government property. Check for the artifacts before putting the property up for sale. This way you can be reassured that it's ok.

Coming from Egypt

They don't have it on their web site . They do state that it takes at least 3 months for them to process the paperwork etc.