what is duly authorized representative?

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Answered: Authors

It was, in fact, Cheesta A. Author as shown in this photograph. He was located about 250 miles from the headwaters.

Answered: What should a new author charge for a speaking engagement?

I would suggest you ask the organization who is requesting you to speak what their budget for speakers is.

Answered: Where is the authors lounge

What city? What building? Could you give us a little help? This is not the Psychic Hotline!!!

Answered: I am looking for the name of an author of some ...

That's the Michael Bennett series written by noted author James Patterson.

Answered: What does the ira represent?

The IRA is also the Irish Republic Army I believe.

Answered: How is web authority of a web site actually ...

I believe that Google SERP ranking is the best authority measurement you can get but other means of determining authority is also Google PageRank and Alexa Ranking, but not crucial, in my opinion.
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the author has a website: elizabethgilbert.com.

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You actually need to have AOL on your computer. AIM doesn't seem to go there. Once on AOL (take the free version if you have broadband) go to COMMUNITY in the top row (it's FILE then EDIT then MAIL then COMMUNITY). Slide your mouse down to CHAT ROOM LISTINGS. Double click ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT ...