What is due date for Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutchers baby?

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Answered: A Baby for Demi and Ashton?

YES! Have a baby! I wish them all the happiness in the world, Ashton will be a WONDERFUL father!! And Demi, we already KNOW she is an excellent Mom!

Answered: Mila Kunis' Dangerous Weight Loss

According to a survey, 50% of the people to lose weight fast weight loss, weight loss drugs are frequently replaced, and some people use it for a few days that did not effect the other, they had little time to use a product more than two months. Expert advice, a number of clinically obese people ...

Answered: Is Ashton Kutcher a good replacement for Charlie Sheen?

Whether or not Ashton Kutcher is a good replacement for Sheen depends entirely upon the role he is given, how well it plays into the theme of the series and how believable the transition is to the viewers.

Answered: Do You Support Ashton Kutcher's Revenge?

Revenge only escalates. Payback makes another wrong to payback. Smarter move = forgive & forget. Remember the wrong as long as there is a threat. Best revenge is living well. No games or bitterness N that. The creep that wronged U fears U might now be @ peace. That is the best revenge. Former ...

Answered: Is Ashton Kutcher Becoming Charlie Sheen?

Nobody can become Charlie Sheen except Charlie Sheen.. If you mean, can Ashton Kutcher become yet another boring womanizer with visions of grandeur then yes, he's the perfect candidate. And before you ask, the two-parter premier sucked (just another lucky loser with money to spare and babes to brand ...

Answered: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Face Cheating Rumors

I sorta feel bad for them but they have to know that as celebrities, the entire world is watching their every move. And then when I think of how much money they're making, I don't feel sorry for them, because if they really wanted a private life, they wouldn't put all their stuff out there on ...
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Ashton Tweets on Demi?

Hell Yes that is sleep on the sofa type shit right there.

Is Ashton Kutcher a Victim of the Charlie Sheen Curse?

No, He was a cheater all on his own. A lot of actors are. I'm sure she even had some blame also.

Is Demi Moore Pining for Ashton Kutcher?

Never liked Demi Moore anyone who would trade Bruce Willis for that whimpy kid should have known she was in trouble. Too old and in a business that not enough cosmetic surgery could keep this kid from having romin eyes and wanderin fingers. It is in his face daily and most of the women today have ...

Kutcher and Moore: $100000 Car to Stay Married. Would You?

No, no,no. That would make her a whore. Money dosen't wipe out cheating. Does he really think he is Walden?