What is DSR in Formula 1 racing?

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Answered: Formula 3 racing team honda in germany 1990's, looking for newspaper or

Have you contacted Speedsport Magazine? They might have the information you are looking for. Here is their web site .

Answered: Should Formula 1 race in Bahrain?

No way ....cars can't outrun bullets

Answered: Valencia Formula 1 Track

Valencia should be an interesting ride wherever they go... Enjoy the races :-)

Answered: How fast does a Formula 1 car, go from 0 - 60 MPH?

how fast does a formula 1 racing car go

Answered: Nowadays, formula milk are fortified with ...

Formula while safe for babies is never going to be better than breast milk. It even says that on the formula cans if you look "breast is always best" somewhere on the instructions or label.

Answered: Auto Racing

I used to enjoy OWR until a certain Mr. T. George did his very best to kill the sport, so I now prefer NASCAR. I'll admit, I watch the IRL but it's not the same as when it was CART, and the Indy 500 doesn't even resemble the pre 25/33 fiasco.
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I actually find the strategy part of formula 1 quite interesting, but I agree that there's not enough passing these days. I remember reading discussions about this in F1 Racing magazines when Alesi and Berger were still driving, so it must be about 10 years ago. Most experts blame it on the ...

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Are you trying to find race results? you can check the results at TVG :

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yes there web site is down and all the partners have lost everything

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Im sure that it was Kubica trying to pass Trulli, then Trulli must've tried to block Kubica or Kubica didnt have any room to pass and then Kubica either just ran off due to cutting on to the grass or he bumbed into Trulli and then Kubica slammed into the wall and then the disaster took place. Here's ...