what is Dream Vacation Passport.?

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Answered: I had a dream this morning,and it involved one of ...

i had a dream this morning,and it involved having sex with one of your exes.

Answered: What does it mean to dream about wanting to buy a haunted house?

The only thing it means is that you had a dream. Anything else you think it may mean is simply a product of your imagination.

Answered: Why do I have this dream every night and what does it mean?

When you dream about a school you're learning about new things. When you dream about hallways and doors you're looking at options. When you have people chasing you, you're facing obstacles. When you're inside of a building being chased, determines if you are going to face those obstacles. Your ...

Answered: What does it mean when you dream that you had sex with your niece?

I don't think you should make too much of it Vince, however, I can understand that you would question the reasoning behind such a dream. Our subconscious minds absorb things that we would not allow to enter our conscious mind. This may have been a thought that somehow decided to stay in your ...

Answered: I had a dream of a beautiful yellowish butterfly that gave me a calm

She should send her Dad a tordigram. I'm sure that's what the dream means.

Answered: Google do i need a passport to cruise to Bahamas? or is a passport card

As long as the ship is round trip meaning that you start in one port in the USA and end at that exact same port in the USA you don't need a passport to leave your ship in The Bahamas . You will however, need identification to get back on the cruise ship such as a license or a letter from the captain ...
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