what is disc rehydration therapy?

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Answered: therapy

Hormone replacement therapy Generic Levothroid helps in overcoming a thyroid hormonal imbalance

Answered: How to burn a record to a dvd-r disc

Hi Mary, Follow this link to a software program that will work great for you. There's a free and paid version so you can't lose and it's really user friendly. Convert Vinyl to Digital Good luck!

Answered: Child Speech Therapy?

My grandson stasrted therapy from the first grag or sooner I cannot be sure, but think it was around then, he is 19 now and had no problems, and you could assk you Ped. and see what he/she thinks, hope this help..And hooked on phonics is a great source also

Answered: Www.structural -therapy.com

Try http://structuralrelieftherapy.com/ This is the method I use. or you could be looking for a structural integrator also known as Rolfing.

Answered: What causes Lumbar disc prolapses?

The main causes of prolapsed or herniated disc are trauma and degenerative disc disease.
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Trigger point therapy for levator scapulae ...

Trigger point therapy is highly effective in treatment of Levator Scapulae Syndrome. Acupuncture with electro-stimulation at the active trigger points is generally one of the best methods I have seen in my practice. This combined with some postural correction and stretches usually knocks it out in ...

Degenerative discs

I had a "bulging disc" in 84'. I couldn't hardly walk or anything. This was after chiropractic care for several years that did help. I went to a neurologist that specialized in disc problems. This is important to find someone who specializes in disc problems! Not scoliosis. I had surgery and he ...

When to start hand therapy

Don't start any hand therapy without direction from a professional, see a MD and get a recommendation of a certified hand therapist. Doing otherwise could do more harm than good.

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OT vs PT Some say that PT addresses the lower half of the body while OT addresses the upper half. Others say that PT works on gross motor coordination while OT works on fine motor. Physical therapy focuses on big movements, it's generally true. Their goal is often to restoremovement and mobility ...