what is difference in flat latex paint and flat enamel?

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Answered: Difference between latex paint and water based paint

Latex paints are water based paints. They contain water and acrylic polymer which makes them smooth for easy application. Oil based paints contain oil, thinner and pigments, and they are not water based. As such there is no distinguishing feature between latex and water based paints. Water based ...

Answered: Acrylic paint directly applied over older oil base?

You can paint latex over oil primer but not finish, you can paint oil over latex. As a contractor I will recommend you prime with oil and top coat it with latex, then next time all you need do is paint latex. Now I said as a contractor because I dont want to be called back for a problem, If it's ...

Answered: Is there a paint for my indoor trim work that would adhere to its current

They are making some new indoor /outdoor acrylic based paints that are very durable . If I were you I'd , stop by my local paint store and ask the salesman . But as a rule oil based paints can only really work well over other , oil based paints .

Answered: Our school wants me to paint a mural on our wall ...

Apply a shellac primer (white) or sealer (clear), and after that you can paint with latex! Good luck, evelien http://www.painting-ideas-and-techniques.com/painting-over-oil-based-paint.html

Answered: In a commercial application, will painting the acoustic suspended ceiling

Standard latex or oil based paint will harm the fire rating of the tile. You should spray apply a product like SAV-A-CEILING Acoustic Tile Coating. It is UL classified and proven not to harm the fire rating of acoustic ceiling tiles. Visit www.receilit.com for mor info.

Answered: Does flat paint go well with glossy paint?

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What type of art paint can be painted over oil enamal paint?

If you need it for temporary changes water color is fine, or else for long time effect once can use acrylic color also. It all depends on your requirement. Now-a-days many types of paint and colors are available according to customer requirement.

Can you mix a flat latex paint with a semi gloss latex paint?

Mixing different sheen paints, even if they are the same brand, is indeed a extremely risky business. First of all, you will loose ANY WARRANTY on the product; secondly, please realize that you are probably doing something NEVER done before (mixine ratios, etc.) so the mix have never been tested ...

What is the difference between LCD and Plamsa TVs ...

LCD TV are television setsthat use Liquid-crystal display technology to produce images. Plasma TVs are television sets with a plasma display panel.A plasma display panel (PDP) is a type of flat panel display common to large TV displays (80 cm/30 in or larger). They are called "plasma" displays ...