What is difference Dell Inspiron 17 and 17R?

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Answered: How is the performance of Dell Inspiron 6000 battery ...

the dell inspiron 6000 is really cool,high grade performance.and the dell 6000 battery is available everywhere.

Answered: I once owned the Inspiron E1505 which had a ...

Oh,e1505 is the same as inspiron 6400 ,right?this model is really cool,huh!

Answered: What is the differance between a Inspirion 17r (7720 ) and a special

Here's a review of the special edition 7720 that says it's ideal for watching video and playing games. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2409923,00.asp The standard 17R is the 5720. The special edition has an Intel i7 (more processor power) instead of the i5, and an NVidia graphics processor ...

Answered: Dell Inspiron 1525 battery will not charge

It sounds like you could be having a few issues - but i strongly suggest going over this article before making a purchase. I had the same issue with my Inspiron 1525, and it turned out to be a "power board". I diagnosed it by following the steps in the article, i ordered the parts from them for ...

Answered: Dell Inspiron Mini 10" Netbook

Sure,the dell inpsiron mini is light and not so expensive.meanwhile its accessory like inspiron mini battery is really cheap.

Answered: Dell inspiron 1520 faulty screen

Did yours go out from a vertical line issue? dellverticalline.webs.com
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