what is difference between board certified, diplomate of, fellowship, member?

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Answered: Christian fellowship near 46219

Heathen said: "If you are asking if I believe that the AV 1611 translation of the Bible is the God inspired, accurate translation of God's Word, then, no. I have some background in the study that has convinced me that translators made mistakes....but certainly God did not." Then you aren't a ...

Answered: Dismissing current board members

I think they need a 'vote of no confidence' to be removed.

Answered: How do you change the icon that appears with your message board

Sign in to your AOL account with your username & password. The answer is under AOL Settings > IM Settings > Expressions > Edit your AOL Expressions There may be a more direct route, but this one works. I also didn't find the icon I was looking for, and no way to insert one of my own. Oh well...

Answered: I want to ask about the reuirments of Canadian Royal fellowship in

I . Please provide information on your organization.I am a regestered dental assistant,who is interested in your deeds.macbach@aol.com

Answered: Where are the football boards and why do u ...

Because AOHELL is ran by some idiots. if not they would come out and give us a reason.
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Does It Make A Difference With Your Family Doctor?

I wouldn't necessarily say that a doctor who isn't Board Certified is less qualified because there are doctors that are Board Certified who are quacks and unfit for the position. The important thing about the certification is that they're judged by their peers and have to take the extra exams to ...


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