what is deontological framework and a teleological framework?

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Answered: How can i tell if i have .net framework installed ...in Windows Vista

Paste this in your IE address line. I just it from asking the same question and it works. javascript:alert(navigator.userAgent)

Answered: How to Install .Net framework 3.5 on Microsoft ...

download or copy net framework 3.5 on to your system. Assuming any earlier net framwork is uninstalled or never installed run the program locally.It still will connect with microsoft but it will slowly install.

Answered: Trouble downloading .net framework 2 - This is ...

Try downloading it from windows update.

Answered: Which is the top version of .Net Compact Framework I can install on

The top version is 3.5 - but many software products are still not fully compliant, so I would recommend to still use 2.5 The best place to download it is: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/aa497280.aspx

Answered: Installing Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 after installing Microsoft .NET

.NET runtime 1.x, 2.x and 3.x can live on the same machine and applications can use each the one needed. You should check just your WEB applications due to the priority of IIS ASPNET filters installation.

Answered: NET Framework

Windows has .NET support, and that includes Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows CE.
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what about http://elgg.org/index.php? Never used... but will http://www.spymac.com/details/?2279188

If I already have updated my Net Frame to 2.0, do I still keep the Net

Yes I received the answer some couples of days ago and it was great though. I felt relieved when I saw the reply in my in my mail,that is great and I appreciate that.

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Php is a scripting language embedded with HTML Language it sometimes used as a command line tool in web server location. php development

Upgrading 1.1 to 2.0 problems

It depends on the controls you are using. If those controls are derives from a 1.1 assembly, there is a good change you are still loading the same assembly from the 2.0 framework - your application is part 1.1 and part 2.0.